Friday, 17 June 2011

HTC Flyer Case & Stylus

With the HTC Flyer being released not too long ago, it can be quite an uphill task to find compatible cases to protect your new found love againsts horrible scratches. While window shopping recently, I found a case that is compatible with the HTC Flyer.

The above-mentioned case is manufactured by Case-mate and while it is not meant for the Flyer, it certainly fits it well. Below are some of the pictures.

 The Flyer is able to charge while inside the case.
 The 3.5mm headphone jack, power button as well as indicator light are fully functional from inside the case.
 Here is my stylus which i slightly modified by adding a lanyard and a piece of rubber which is actually from a earphone.
And this is how i secure my stylus to the case in order to prevent it from being misplaced. It can be removed easily anytime.

The case can be brought from the Case-mate website at around US$30 while I bought mine for S$30. Here's the link.

LINK: Express Case

Meanwhile, I have another 2 cases coming soon. One of them is the usual PU variety while the other is supposedly made of leather and bought from Amazon.

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