Friday, 17 June 2011

My Opening Speech

This is my very first entry. While I have always wanted to start a blog, it never happened. Reason being due to pure laziness. However, now there is just a little more reason for me to do so, and here i am.

This blog will serve as a means for me to post my reviews on software, gadgets, accessories and other techie stuff.

Thus, whats a tech blog without my gadgets introducing themselves?

Hi I'm HD7. Currently, i'm the main phone. I was bought instead of the other phone due to the novelty of my operating system, Windows Phone 7. I stand out because of my simplicity amidst the clutter of other phones.
I think its time to get a new screen protector for myself. What do you think I should get? Glossy or Matt type?

Let me introduce myself next. I'm Blackberry 9780. Despite my name, I'm am not all that i sound to be! Whoever said that Blackberries have to stay in their boring original black color? Prior to this dazzling white, I used to be a cheery yellow till my owner decided that it was time to change colors (yet again!).

Hey there! I'm Snap! I was adopted because my previous owner no longer needed me and thus gave me away. However, I have found a new purpose in life, which is to function as a wifi router.

And I'm the iPod Touch! Usually I'm being neglected unless my owner decides he needs to play some games or surf the internet.

I believe that I might not be that well known here in Singapore as I was imported from overseas so let me briefly tell you about myself. I'm known by others as Zune HD. My zune interface coupled with an oled screen provides my owner with  the prettiest music interface ever!

Move your puny screens aside people. HTC Flyer is here. I'm the newest and baddest of the bunch with my 7 Inch screen. Currently the number one in my owner's attention list.
And there you have it, an introduction of my family of gadgets.

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