Friday, 17 June 2011

Why I bought the HTC Flyer

There used to be a time when netbooks were the latest craze, now it is the era of the tablets. With the sheer number of tablets being pushed out by manufacturers such as Apple, HTC, Samsung as well as many others, what made me pick the HTC Flyer amidst all the other competition?

One of my main considerations was screen size. Yes you may argue that larger screens provide a greater movie-watching/gaming/typing experience but there are also certain drawbacks. The larger your screen, the greater the strain on the battery. Also, displays on tablets generally have the around same resolution and this the larger the screen, the lower the pixel density which can be calculated using Pythagoras theorem (which I find is actually one of the better applications of mathematics in real life). And naturally, while a larger screen has its benefits, it also has its Achilles' heel which in this case, is the increase in weight and portability.

Then the factor of processors comes into play. Most tablets these days sport a dual core 1 GHz processor while the Flyer is equipped with a single 1.5 GHz core. It might seem as an obvious choice to pick the dual core tablets but as I read online on forums, more might not necessarily mean better as the Android Honeycomb OS is not optimized to use both cores. Anyway, if the tablet does not lag with everyday use, it does not matter whether it has 4 cores or 1.

There are 2 major OS in the tablet market right now, Android and iOS. Comparing just the number of applications, it is a hands-down victory to apple. However, I need more than just applications. Being the fickle-minded human, I need changes every now and then. Swiping by the grids of icons gets boring fast, and what I need is versatility and eye-candy.

Lastly, one of the main reasons I got an Android tablet is because I love the Adobe Flash support. Oh, and because I'm a HTC fanboy as well.

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